In our practice you get to know your body with its many parts as they are needed for achieving stability and balance. You observe in detail what happens inside while approaching certain asanas, and you will arrive naturally in a mindful and objective state of mind. Judgments like "good" or "bad" turn neutral and we arrive in our deepest self. Future and past go neutral and you arrive in the present moment.


Yoga is an ongoing process. 
In the beginning we might give you hands-on support and offer individual props. This will help you feel into the asana safely and encourage that essential connection between body, mind and soul which will deepen as your daily practice becomes a good habit.

We also encourage you to give each other support - which leads to a deeper understanding about what you need for yourself if you want to expand deeper into any new asana. That's where group practice bears 
its special fruits.


by Pragya Bhatt (2019)

Retreating is an important part of a spiritual practice. It is to introspect as much as it is to delve deeper into the practice of your choice. 
A learning curve happens after every retreat. 
I have experienced the greatest growth after every retreat and workshop I’ve attended.

Teaching a retreat is as exciting for the teachers as it is for the students. When the idea of this retreat was a mere spark of an idea, we wondered what we could do to make this retreat unique, fun and helpful for those giving us the privilege of teaching them. We came up with a rough outline of a schedule. We started to think of how we could bring life and relevance to the teachings and the days slowly took shape. Involved as we are in our own practices, the collaboration between Susanne and Pragya offers distinctive ways.

Our mornings will be spent studying the asanas, in which we will also discuss the Indian/Hindu mythology pertaining to yoga. Our evening sessions will be about winding down the mind and body. 
There will be walks through villages and nearby town, swims in the creek or the Mediterranean sea, conversations over shared dinners and the occasional glass of wine!

It will be a special time for all of us, made more special by those who give us the opportunity to guide them. 
We hope you can make yourselves available from the 20th-27th of June to join us in Liguria, Italy for a retreat to remember.